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Story telling inspired by the rhythm of spoken words David Anglin’s Preachers Chronicles

Updated: May 4

The above is an excerpt from Preachers Chronicles - A Women's Touch Softens The Hard Hands Of A Badman.


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When I began the process of writing Preachers Chronicles I wanted to write something that was completely different then my first style of writing in my original Jerry ebook. Before writing this book, I had listened to Pimp by Ice Berg Slim. I'm not going to lie it's not for the faint hearted, though the way he told story was honestly magical! He could paint some of the most hardcore scenes you could imagine and have it sounding like ice melting in lemonade on a cool day. It blew my mind how he wrote, as through the writing you could hear the rhythm to it, its like it was a constantly evolving piece of art. In writing the early experiences of Jerry I too wanted to use rhthym in taking your mind down lanes not often trodden, but still painting vivd pictures that would have you too feeling in touch with the rhythm of this piece. Just like how a good spoken word artist without a beat keeps you intune and intuned.

Anyhow below I have decided to add some snippets from the ebook that hopefully will get you thinking and pondering long into the night.


Excerpt 1

Excerpt 2


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Excerpt 3

Excerpt 4


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