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  • Jerry: Society's black sheep – Based on true events
  • Jerry: Society's black sheep – Based on true events
  • Jerry: Society's black sheep – Based on true events
  • Jerry: Society's black sheep – Based on true events
  • Jerry: Society's black sheep – Based on true events

Jerry: Society's black sheep – Based on true events

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Darren looked upon the infamous Jerry Fishton, gazing deep into his eyes, looking far past his calm persona. Past the youthful features, that hid something so terrible. Something that when released would erupt onto the world, indiscriminately splashing all those below with a heated fury that gained strength from being born to London's inner city hell.
He looked upon Jerry and fought back emotions, as he knew that to look upon Jerry was to look upon the poster child to London's lost generation.

They say Britain is in a crime epidemic that hasn’t been seen for a decade. Knife crimes up. Gun crimes up. Violent robberies are up.
But for those of us who have worked with young people and those in need we’ve seen this coming for a long time.
We’ve seen first hand the effects of austerity measures. Seeing with our own eye's the rise in families who need food banks. Families whose day to day lives have vastly changed. Though with this change their children have changed. Becoming a little bit harder a little bit colder. Willing to go that much further to get themselves out of a hopeless lifestyle.
These changes have been happening slowly, year upon year with the effects only now being felt in the wider community.

Jerry based on real-life events takes a thought-provoking look into the world of working with young offenders involved in some of the most heinous of crimes and what it takes to break the vicious cycle that so many of them are caught within.


This book is good for those who want to understand better how the UK social care and criminal justice system works, and for those interested in how early trauma can impact young people.


Also have a read of a powerful story of a former young person of our project, you'll definietly feel inspired. From Roads to Riches, interview with Akin Thunds. Please click here


Book Reviews



Powerful and insightful short story - 5 Stars

The author very effectively creates relatable characters. I felt a lot of understanding and sympathy for the situations they found themselves in. This was very well written. Days after reading it I was still thinking about the issues raised in this story, it lingers. I will be looking out for more books by this author.




A compelling read! - 5 Stars

A haunting read that's seared in my mind. You'll feel antithetical towards the protagonist, you'll feel compassion, you'll feel empathy. The writer takes you on a roller coaster of deep reflection.




Great read from a budding Author. - 5 Stars 

This is actually a really good read, quite powerful to be honest and flows nicely. I actually wish it was longer.





If you'd like to know more about our work with young people known to the social care and youth offending system please click here

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