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  • Preachers Chronicles by David Anglin - A collection of short stories. Just 99p.
  • Preachers Chronicles by David Anglin - A collection of short stories. Just 99p.
  • Preachers Chronicles by David Anglin - A collection of short stories. Just 99p.

Preachers Chronicles by David Anglin - A collection of short stories. Just 99p.

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Preacher's Chronicles" by David Anglin offers an immersive and starkly realistic glimpse into the lives of London's youth, embroiled in the knife crime epidemic. Through the eyes of young Jerry, readers are drawn into a world rarely seen, revealing surprising and often shocking perspectives. Anglin's vivid wordplay paints a raw picture of London's underbelly, posing the compelling question of whether nature or nurture fuels this knife crime crisis.

The narrative unfolds through two poignant short stories, "A Way Home" and "A Woman's Touch Softens the Hard Hands of A Bad Man." These tales navigate through tense encounters with paranoid drug users, introspective quests for love and understanding, and the profound influence of authority figures on impressionable minds.

This book is more than just a read; it's an experience that lingers, prompting deep contemplation long into the night.


This book is good for those who want to understand better how the UK social care and criminal justice system works, and for those interested in how early trauma can impact young people.


Please click the images to read and listen to chapters from the book.

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Book Reviews


Stories that challenge attitudes and prejudice


Jane Palmer 

Anglin explores contentious and provocative themes as well as evokes the atmosphere of London. Anglin’s raw yet tender writing examines the vexed moral choices of a Black British teenager, living in care. Preachers Chronicles is a suspenseful YA thriller featuring a teenager fighting for survival. These short stories are composed with an almost musical rhythm and brim with compassion and insight, Preachers Chronicles is a wise, engrossing read for both teens and adults alike. 



Teagen - 5 stars

Wonderfully put together and written. There are parts where it feels like you are actually there the graphic imagery is outstanding



Cara - 5 stars

 A must read to understand the underbelly of the murky side of society




Matthew - 5 stars

incredible book - gritty, heartbreaking, witty, clever, troubling but captivating and very transparent. It shows very clearly how traumas & bad circumstances can effect a child long term.


Raymond - 5 stars

Dark, disturbing, evocative, unforgiving and descriptive picture of a side of London I’ve never known. Just saying it like it is and giving room to make up our own minds.



Lexy - 5 stars

I could not put this book down!

real, honest and a vivid rollercoster!

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