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Preachers Chronicles - A Way Home - Excerpt 2

Excerpt 2

“Watch it’s on for you.” Before more words heated from young flames were able to exchange lips, Jerry flew through the kitchen door knocking on Alan’s shoulders, sparking further fury in Peter. He walked past Ann with a face stiff from fury. Jerry opened the door to a new day slamming it back on a present he didn’t care to be in. The bright sunshine of a London summer morning beamed down on his youthful face, though bathed in the light it was unable to penetrate the building dark thunderstorms clouding his mind.

It’s funny how so much can change in a year. It felt like it was just the other day when he’d been waking up at his gran’s house for breakfast, eating oatmeal porridge sweetened through condensed tin milk while discussing his school timetable for the day. She’d always told him what a bright boy he was. Whenever he could be bothered to do his homework he’d always earn full marks effortlessly. His teacher, Mr. Morgan, would say,

“You have so much potential and could achieve so much more if you’d stop concerning yourself with trying to be the classroom menace.”

Forward on just a year and it seemed the menace of Mr. Morgan’s class had grown to become a menace of the community. At just 9 am in the morning, he blared music from the cracked screen of his iPhone. His eyes dared a member of the public to tell him that he can’t play his music out loud. He was more than willing to tell them all the different ways they can stuff themselves and their mothers too. A menace of the community or more of society’s black sheep. He felt normal society had no place for him, he felt at home with others who too found themselves drifting from light and into the shadowy creeks and crevices of London’s streets. He set his face deeper into a scowl, the heat emanating from him matched the heat from the sun as it rose over another glorious summer’s morning. London’s heatwave did a peculiar thing to its residents. The feelings of summer love were often showcased as full-teethed smiles for all who passed by. Though it also caused many to act out irrationally, as the usual peace of the nation was lost to a growing murder rate. Many who worked in the realm of social care blamed the Tories’ austerity measures as being a catalyst for the descent into madness.

But for Jerry none of that meant anything to him, his days were simpler, dealing with the bare necessities of finding ways to make money and working out ways to hit the belly. His older friend Mystro was trying to convince him to go up country as there was plenty of cash to be made and he had a direct link where he could get an ounce on tick, but they’d just needed to run the money back quick, as it was well known their plug Smillie was no joke when it came to getting his money.

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