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Preachers Chronicles - A Woman’s Touch Softens The Hard Hands Of A Badman - Excerpt 7

A Woman’s Touch Softens The Hard Hands Of A Badman

Excerpt 7

Somehow, he always managed to get himself into the maddest predicaments, especially when it involved girls. Though for him the minds of girls were still a mystery as his experience of women had been chaotic, to say the least. He still remembered the times of his mother bursting into his room as a child, raging at the inner demons she claimed possessed him, screaming out her need to release him, before breaking down into a crying mumbling mess. His confusion would always be magnified the next morning when he’d ask what she meant by saying he was possessed by demons. With a smile plastered on her lips, she’d give him a kiss and say she didn’t know what he was talking about. He’d grown to learn denial is a true friend to no one and her denial spawned the seed of his doubt in not just her, but in trust for mankind.

Growing up though, he loved his mother. He often found her stressful as sometimes he just didn’t know what mum he’d be faced with come morning time. Would it be the radiant mother who with a flash of a brilliant smile could bring the fun of a summer’s day to even the gloomiest of rooms? Or would it be the irate woman in a wicked mood, darkened from spending time within the company of an abundance of foul men. Relief for him would come from the extra loving arms of his grandmother. While hugging him closely she’d tell him that his mother harboured a lot of pain growing up, and though she’s an adult, she’s still a human with lots of hurt inside.

He would protectively tell his grandma “I’ll beat up anyone who hurts my mum!” His grandmother would simply reply “I know, I know, but some battles can’t be won with fists, some battles can only be won with love and there’s no greater love than that of our Lord and saviour, Jesus Christ.” He looked again to the reflection of the face sat next to him, guess it was like his grandmother said, not all battles could be won by fists. His heart chakra compelled him to break the silence with “You ok?”

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