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Wray & Nephew UK

Without a doubt, Wray & Nephew UK have been the staple of many Caribbean homes for generations. As a youngster, my first unknowing introduction to white rum was through my mother around the times of Christmas when she'd fill a cake with raisins that had been swimming in white rum for one year. This cake was traditionally known as rum cake.

Funny enough back then I didn't appreciate rum cake I always wondered why my mum couldn't bring one of them fancy cakes with the chocolate swirls on top! Anyhow, I digress! (Though I will mention Rhythm Kitchen in Walthamstow bakes a wicked rum cake!!!)

White rum has a very distinctive taste, for me, I find it slightly bitter, though friends of mine are able to drink it like its water, in fact, let me correct this, think they can drink it like its water until its charms work a magic that recreates the true potentials of their personalities. I'm around in the closet stars!

Without a doubt, Wray and Nephew as a foundation for Caribbean get-togethers are legendary. You can find it in the rum punch, in the cake, in a mixer of diet coke or sitting in its tradition of a clear bottle planted on the table as a means for loosening the tightest of lips.

I personally enjoy white rum when playing the mental war game of chess with a friend, and I sip ever so lightly on it, waiting for the magic effects of the potion to take hold of my opponent who gulps down large amounts of it with no respect for it. At that moment I strike with a renewed concentration for the game resulting in me giving my friend a proper whooping that I brag about later to them too!

White rum is something you must respect. It's had many a man bogling (Jamaican Dance) outside (not by choice), walking up to the wrong front door with ambitions of getting inside, or trying to go toe to toe with a bus (my monies on the bus! true story)

But some of its other benefits that are not as well documented is its use as a mixer for fighting colds and flu. My personal favourite is adding white rum to a blend of ginger, garlic, turmeric, lemons, lime and honey. When taken that cold or flu that was punching you into submission, becomes a flea that you can swat away with ease. (Funny enough this recipe was told to me by my Jamaican friend who I play chess with!)

Many of us from a Caribbean heritage will have a relative from the older generation such as a gran who has extensive knowledge on home remedies that usually require some form of white rum being added to the mix. You ever had Irish Moss with white rum!

But as we go from the initial migrant generation to the 3rd and 4th generations without a doubt some of these traditions are being lost as the older generation passes on.

With our, Dem Live A foreign event we want to highlight how these cultures and traditions have helped form our foundations and impacted the wider communities, especially London.

That's why we would love your stories, pictures or even objects that represent your experiences of being Caribbean and especially in London (Any white rum memories will be especially appreciated! )

If you have any questions about our Dem Live A Foreign event, or questions in general feel free to contact us here or via, and lastly for those who from this email feel inspired to take up Wray and Nephew white rum -

Please, me a beg you, tek time and sip light!

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