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Caribbean Elders brief for Red Light Busking presents Kanda Vol.1 - Shut my bedroom

Updated: May 21

Contact Red Light Busking on WhatsApp 07401780335

Being an 80’s baby and growing up in a Caribbean home meant, that often we were exposed to practical teachings and traditions for use during testing times, such as Bay rum and thick spicy soups used as a way to fight colds and flu, while sayings filled with gems of philosophy such as ‘those who don’t hear must feel' kept our brains alight in trying to make sense of a culture from lands our parents called Home but we knew only of the potential of this home During these early years of the 2000’s, the bedroom would be our sanctuary in developing ideas and plans for what we would like to be or achieve. Seeing friends on stations like Channel U rapping, or a local name we knew playing professional football gave us grand ideas for possibilities for fame, or cousins coming to our room singing songs of Bob Marley or preaching’s of Marcus Garvey gave us thoughts for how we saw ourselves in this struggle. These conversations in the rooms, reflected part in our identity, discussions on the latest CD, heated arguments for who’s the best MC. Bashment music as a sound track, books from school, books from college, books from Uni surrounding us with knowledge. These moments in our rooms, helped shape who we became.

For our next exhibition, Red Light Busking presents Kanda Vol.1 - Shut My Bedroom, we will be looking into the bedroom of a Waltham Forest student of Caribbean descent during the early 2000s, looking at how the learnings during these transitionary periods, of old to new, analogue to digital can be of use during the issues our communities are currently facing.

What your role will be

As elders of the Waltham Forest Caribbean community we would love for you to tell us proverbs you grew up on as Caribbean’s and the meaning behind the proverbs. Your proverbs can be sent to us through WhatsApp as either a video or audio (Voice note). Your footage/ audio will be used within our exhibition, where members of our audience will be able to listen to your gems of experience, giving us wisdom and connecting us and younger generations to Caribbean culture.


• 1 audio or video piece where you tell us a proverb your grew up on as a Caribbean that had great meaning for you, and if you tell us the meaning behind the proverb. • If you can let us know if you can make traditional Bay Rum

- Pictures of yourself out and about in Waltham Forest or London

Further Notes

• For those who are happy to, we will send a photographer to take a picture of you in remembrance of you and your contributions to this exhibition, and where the photo will be used in our exhibition alongside your proverb. • To send us the audio or voice notes you can send it to our email address which is, or leave a Voice note on our Instagram page, or send a voice note to the following WhatsApp number 07401780335

Important Dates

• Some time during December we will have workshops for those of the community would like to tell us about their experiences live and direct with us at 228 in Chingford. If you would like further details on this please send a request to attend email to • 1st March - Will be the launch date for our exhibition, the proverb audio recorded with the community will be featured in the exhibition where our audience will be able to listen via Silent Headphones and through the use of Augmented Reality directing people to the audio through the photographs taken. The exhibition will be featured in both our Hub in Leytonstone and in Walthamstow Mall

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