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Red Light Busking presents, A Pleasure Garden of Freedom Fighters

Updated: 6 days ago

Vodun teaches that the world is interconnected. A web of cause and effect that weaves us all together. From the gravitational pull of celestial bodies shaping the tides of the ocean, to the soothing light of the moon calming a troubled mind, everything is related. It's a principle that applies equally to the small and the large, the personal and the political.

London's 18th century was described by Sir John Plumb as an era of "commercialized leisure," as paid entertainment and pleasure gardens flourished in the growing urban middle class. But what about those outside of this privileged bubble? What about the many Africans and their descendants who experienced great pain and suffering while others reveled in pleasure and wealth?

Fast forward to today, and the same principles still apply. A leveraged trade inflates stock prices bringing the joys of wealth for those in the know, but it also creates pain for the working class who can only watch as their dreams of attainment slip further with every raise of price. Politics too, shape the mood of the country, determining whether it will be a fulfilling and prosperous land or one plagued by moral decay.

Yet even in the darkest of times, there are those who fight back against injustice and bring hope to the world. The Haitian revolution and its fearless leaders are just one example of the power of determination and the will to create a fairer world. Red Light Busking presents, A Pleasure Garden of Freedom Fighters, will be our exploration into the stories of historical black figures from the 1800s who fought against all odds to create a better future. We'll look at their actions, thoughts, and even spirituality, hoping to inspire a new generation to join the fight for a brighter tomorrow.


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