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Dem Live A Foreign Vol. 6 - Getting Ready for Carnival/Jouvert - Part 3

Updated: May 21

Now, J’ouvert is a free and fun time but it also has tradition and significance. Now, if we don’t educate our people, we are to blame for the scenes of skirting ketchup, mayonnaise, flour and emulsion paint. J’ouvert is NOT a food fight! If you did that back home you would never get away with it. These products are dangerous to our skin and eyes and simply an accident waiting to happen. But If you really want to get involved and get the real experience, join a Mud Band or Jab Jab Band, and use talcum powder and water based paints instead but also take care with others and be respectful to the Ancestors and the true traditions of Carnival. I cannot leave this section without mentioning Ebony Steelband, my tribe from small. I am an all-life die-hard supporter and every year they come out on the road for J’ouvert up-holding the spirit of the pan during our time of paying homage to the Ancestors. I salute you.

There is so much more to share and educate about Carnival history so I hope you learnt a little something, my blog has lightly touched on this rich and historical festival. So, I give thanks to the Red Light Busking Team for giving me this opportunity to share what I know about Carnival history and culture. There is definitely a lack of education in our communities so you're doing a great job and I know that your ‘Getting Ready for Carnival’ installation project will not only be a great success but a legacy allowing you to follow our Ancestors tradition for ‘Each one, to reach one, and teach one’. Happy Carnival Everyone!

This concludes Jo’s article and her teachings on the history behind carnival. I hope you enjoyed reading this and hope that as you travel down to Notting hill carnival this weekend and drink a Wray and Nephew or look a wicked whine that you remember the true spirit and tradition of what carnival stands for.


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