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Dem Live A Foreign Vol. 3 - Folklore

Very much like myself, my dad drew his first breath of life in London's east end, although before he could assimilate into one of the cockney lot (You'd be surprised by the amount of Jamaicans I know who talk better cockney than Danny Dyer) as a toddler he was sent to the land of sunshine and palm trees that is known as Jamaica. That became his home until around the age of 11.

From what I remember my dad was staying with his family who lived in the countryside of Jamaica. In an area known as Westmorland. Where rearing chickens, climbing trees for coconuts and flinging rock stones after mongoose were all a part of everyday life.

Like many cultures whose roots began in rural areas, folklores and myths were passed down from one generation to another. I remember one day in my youth, my dad told me something that his folks back in Jamaica had told him when he was young. Looking me intently in the eyes, his long locks swarmed his face, shoulders squared, confidence oozed from him, and in a voice deep like Barry White’s, he told me about how 'in this world, many things walk amongst us that we are unable to see. Master God has kept it this way as he knows that if many of us were to see all of the things that really walk amongst us then most people would drop down dead from fright (Dad really knew how to tell a story)

He then went on to tell me that if you want to see what else is in the world you must take matter from a dog's eye (The white ooze that comes out the corner of your eyes sometimes), and then wipe it into your own eye, and then you'll be able to see all of the mysteries this world has to offer. From what I can recall this was told to my dad from his folk in Westmorland. I can't remember if I asked my dad if he'd done it, though I remember picturing my dad taking matter from a dog's eye and wiping it in his own! I had lots of silent giggles to myself about the idea of this! And for those who are wondering…

No! I didn't test the dog matter theory on myself. Although if you chose to do it, please let me know how it goes (Disclaimer: We in no way endorse this and whatever happens to you, we will not be held liable)


As I've got older I keep on seeing more evidence that these old-time generations knew a lot more about the world and its inner workings than us young bucks realise. Let me give evidence to this theory. I religiously watch this YouTube channel called Nukes Top 5 which is basically submissions of ghosts or supernatural things caught on camera, some are actual CCTV or police recordings. I've spent many a night going over these videos, and without a doubt, some seem very realistic and leave chills

Luckily I'm not scared of the dark!

But today as the idea came to me for writing about Caribbean Folklore, the memories of my dad telling me about dog matter came to the top of my mind, and as I thought more about it I started to connect it with the videos I watched on Nukes Top 5, as many of the ghost encounters aren't seen by the naked eye, but through video recordings. Dogs have a much wider spectrum of light than we humans can see, the progression of technology has it now that through cameras we too can see a much wider spectrum of light. Though it seems with all this technology we're only catching up with the things the older generations were already seeing...

Anyhow in the spirit of folklore and myths, we'd love for you to share your personal experiences on this subject with us.

Our Dem Live A Foreign event is about showcasing all aspects of the Caribbean and Somalian culture.

Hope you enjoyed reading this, and look out for our next Dem Live A Foreign newsletter.


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