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Modern Black History - Exploring Caribbean Traditions: A Podcast Discussion on Jouvert and Notting Hill Carnival

Updated: May 25

Join us as we delve deep into Caribbean culture and explore the rich traditions of J'ouvert and Notting Hill Carnival. In this hour-long podcast with carnival historian Jo Alexander, our experts share their insights and knowledge on the history, significance and current state of these celebrated events. We discuss the unique aspects of Jouvert, including the music, costumes and paint, as well as the similarities and differences between Jouvert of old and current Notting Hill Carnival. We also explore the cultural significance of Carnival in Trinidad and the Caribbean and its impact on the diaspora. Whether you're a Caribbean culture enthusiast or just curious about these iconic events, this podcast is a must-listen. Don't miss out on this informative and engaging discussion.

Below is pictures from our Podcast discussion.

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