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Experience Love's Melody: YouTube Love Songs by Our Street Buskers

Welcome to Red Light Busking, where we transform bustling high streets into spaces of musical passion. Our street buskers possess a rare gift – the ability of being able to put on hair raising performances that set the mind alight. 

Prepare to embark on a journey through love's many shades as we present a curated collection of love songs performed by our talented buskers. From heartfelt covers to mesmerising original tracks.

But we're not just here to serenade you; we want you to be a part of the magic. For every cover performed by our buskers, we'll showcase both the original version and their rendition, inviting you to choose your favourite. Because, after all, music is subjective, and your opinion matters. Share your thoughts in the comments below and let us know which song resonated with you the most. Plus, feel free to suggest any love songs you believe should be part of this playlist that we will be regularly updating. 

As you immerse yourself in the melodies and harmonies of our buskers, consider joining our musical community by subscribing to our YouTube channel. With just a click, you'll never miss a beat of the captivating performances waiting to be discovered.

So, sit back, relax, and let the music sweep you off your feet. It's time to fall in love with love all over again through the captivating sounds of Red Light Busking

First we will start with the old classic Marvin Gaye's - Let's get it on. The first two are covers by our performers L and Ivanmore. Underneath these videos is the original version by the legend himself Marvin Gaye. Let us know which version you like best in the comments section below and remember to subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Are next song is Bob Marley - Is This Love. The cover version is sung by our performer and X factor finalist Ruth Brown. And like last time the original by Bob Marley will be underneath.

Our next song is KT Tunstall - Universe and U, which was covered by our performer L. Honestly we think both covers are magical but again would love for you to share your thoughts with us.

Next to break away from the cover songs for just a second, we thought we' d show you some of the original songs from our performers that are just 😩✨🔥🔥 Exceptional!

So the first one we want to show you is by Chrissy Day and is a song simply called Bring Me Flowers

And this next one below by L is again absolutely incredible.

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