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Beats, Bites, and Bed talks A Likkle Warm Up to Red Light Busking presents Kanda Vol.1 - Shut My Bedroom

Updated: Dec 26, 2023

🎉 Get a splash of culture at the "Red Light Busking presents Kanda Vol.1 - Shut my bedroom" warm-up event! Savour the spice and soul in every bite of our homemade patties – jerk chicken, prawn, and veg – and refresh with our homemade carrot juice. Your feedback will shape the flavours of our future!

📚 As we gather proverbs that echo the resilience and wit of our Caribbean heritage, we’re also collecting cherished keepsakes from the early 2000s. Bring along the magazines, comics, posters, and books that filled your teenage sanctuaries. Your contributions will not only be recorded but will also adorn the recreation of our bedroom of a 1st generation Caribbean in our main exhibition. 🛏️

✍️ Lend your creativity in our lyric writing workshop, where your words and melodies, grounded in the rich soil of our shared past, will be recorded live. This is your moment to shine as a singer, spoken word artist, or poet, immortalising your voice in our collective history. 🎤

📅 Save the dates: December 28th and 30th. Join us for a communal canvas of flavours, philosophies, and flows. Come feed your soul, forge your verse, and fuel the narrative that ties us to our roots and launches us forward.

Warm up with us as we embark on this new voyage 


  • Free Caribbean food taster sessions

  • Live recording of Caribbean proverbs and your interpretations

  • Creative writing, song creation sessions

  • A nostalgic collection of your 2000s memorabilia

  • Live DJ

Click below for free tickets

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